For Students

Our team understands the challenges and complexities of the college admissions process. Oracle College Planning provides student’s with a program that guides them through all of the areas they will need to work through to accomplish their goal, acceptance to a college that is a great social and academic fit.

In addition to online materials they can work through at their own speed, your student will have a personal consultant to guide, encourage and support them through the process. This personal attention maximizes the student’s chance for success.

Our student services department is the best. We know what colleges are looking for and we provide you with all of our knowledge, experience and services to help your student stand out and achieve their dreams.

Student Positioning

Our Student Positioning Service offers comprehensive online career and aptitude tests to help determine a student’s career interest, academic level and strengths. Our student positioning specialist then reviews the results of these assessments to recommend colleges that are a good fit for the student. Properly positioning the student’s college choices greatly enhances the chances of acceptance at the school of choice with the best financial aid package.

  • Career Assessment Tools
    Discover what major you should pursue based on your abilities and temperament
  • College Selection/Student Positioning
    Ensuring you find the college best suited for your interest and your budget
  • Awards & Appeal
    Analysis of Award Letters to show you the exact amount you’ll end up paying
  • Test Prep
    Study and review will help your score
  • Essay Writing Assistance
    With live and internet-based help your entrance essay will shine
  • Client-only Web Portal
    Tap into the comprehensive resources our application, Engus offers

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