College Funding

Working with a college funding specialist can make you aware of planning tips and strategies most people are not aware of that can result in you saving thousands of dollars in college expenses. We believe it is very valuable to have an objective advocate working on your behalf to bring up ideas and perspectives you may not have thought of. Also, the services that Oracle College Planning provide, are set up to save you time and relieve you of the stress and anxiety that is typically associated with college funding decisions and deadlines.

College has typically become the second highest expenditure for many families, second only to the purchase of a home. Would you pursue a real estate purchase without being fully informed about the information necessary to make the most beneficial decisions regarding your investment? The process of how you handle paying for college should be no different. There is crucial information you need to know about the college funding process in order to make wise decisions. Utilizing a combination of little-known strategies can potentially provide a tremendous benefit to your family. Professional advice has the potential to save you a small fortune and a lot of time.

We integrate sound financial planning strategies with the financial aid rules and regulations, and then implement programs that help families reduce their out-of-pocket costs for college.

We’re a bit different. At Oracle College Planning our goal is simple–to provide you the benefit of our expertise and experience in guiding you to make well-informed college-planning and college-funding decisions. Unlike many financial advisors who only help in accumulating funds for college, we focus on practical financial solutions that will help pay for your child’s education and reduce your out-of-pocket college costs in the process.

We will teach you not only to save for college, but also how to wisely manage your assets and income so as to maximize financial aid, minimize taxes, and effectively save for retirement at the same time–even for those “high-income” families who may think they don’t qualify.

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